Science feature on Sealinks conference

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Science feature on Sealinks conference

The Sealinks conference held in November 2013 is covered in this week’s issue of Science.  The 27 June issue of the journal features an article by science writer Andrew Lawler on the Sealinks Project and its conference Proto-Globalisation in the Indian Ocean World, held at the Ashmolean Museum and Jesus College Oxford, November 7-10.

To read the article, Sailing Sinbad’s Seas, click here for pdf.

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  1. Emanuel Gabriel
    July 2, 2014

    Very interestig and constructive work done by Mr Andrew, infact recontructing the past world holds great significance to the now and tomorrow world. But I suggest to mainstrem some projects within archaeological projects particulary in recovery and interpretation of the past. I mean there should be some connective-efforts /projects of insisting or reinsisting the use of previous information in present-daylife; for instance emprovements of past useful ways of life, including innovations,technology, arts, crafts etc. or even avoid/ keep on avoiding unwanted ways of life such as maginalization, stimatization, domination and empoverishment of other communities. This might be condusive way of using the archaeological data

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